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Photo by Marilyn Ela, 1997

Capt. Michael Kraus
Capt. Michael Kraus
Link to article
Link to article
Why do we reenact?
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Lt. Tyler Putman
Lt. Tyler Putman
Dave Hockenberry, Phil Ward, Don Hongell & Dave Ward
Dave Hockenberry, Phil Ward,
Don Hongell & Dave Ward
1st Sgt. Craig Geppert
1st Sgt. Craig Geppert
"Have you paid your dues?"
Grand Review Ticket
Grand Review Ticket
Gentleman Johnnie Emmons
Gentleman Johnnie Emmons

Lt. Tyler Putman's Day Job

Civil War in Color

Battle Cry of Freedom Video

Greg Starbuck's Antietam

Making 1855 Blanks

Packing 1855 Blanks

Death of Lincoln Conspirators

Michela Miller Ferree
116th Pa Song

Waving Flag at the
156th Battle of
Crampton's Gap

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Lads, We are recruiting now for the Fredericksburg Living History from 8/31 to 9/2. Arrive Friday, 8/31, and camp on historic Marye's Heights, parking close by. On Saturday, we will perform some demonstrations for the NPS, including firing. In the evening, we'll represent soldiers in camp as the ranger tells some stories to the public. One or two nights, we might walk down to the Irish Pub for dinner and libation. Sunday morning we will have a private tour and be on our way. Suggested number for the event is about 20. Contact 1st Sgt. Geppert if you are going. Images from this event in 2016 are posted here.

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BREAKING NEWS(09/04/2018):


This weekend is Burkittsville 2018. We have 16 registered! Can anyone bring pants, shirt, and 4button for someone who is 5'10", 29x32 pants, medium shirt, tunic? I can provide all else. Keith

BREAKING NEWS(07/14/2018):

Our Brother in Arms, Peter Clayton Hall 14 Apr 1945 - 8 July 2018, passed away of a heart attack in Chambersburg, PA. Internment will be at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA veterans cemetery on Tuesday 17 July @ 1pm sharp. There will also be a special remembrance of him and Jim Goucher at Remembrance Day.

BREAKING NEWS(04/15/2018):

From Captain Kraus,

Jim "Korn" Goucher entered the hospital earlier this week for hip surgery and during the operation, suffered a heart attack from which there were fatal complications. His friend, Paddy Devlin, and others were by his side when he passed early this morning. He will be cremated and a gathering in his memory is being planned for a future date to be announced.

BREAKING NEWS(03/28/2018):


The registration fee for Burkittsville goes up to $30 this Sunday, April 1st. If you want to pay $25, register on line before then or send in your registration by mail this weekend. To register on line, click the image above.

BREAKING NEWS(03/13/2018):


The Campaigns page has been updated to reflect the National Regiment Schedule as well as the addition of our St. Patrick's Day Parade, The Big Gettysburg Event, and Cedar Creek! We will update it based on the business meeting this weekend.

BREAKING NEWS(03/13/2018):


St. Patrick's Day Parade is in Pittsburgh this weekend! Stay at Mike's studio. For directions and information, go the Dispatches page and read the newest newsletter! Directions are more complete on February Page 2 2004 Newsletter!

BREAKING NEWS(01/10/2018):


The National Regiment School of Instruction will be held February 17 & 18 , 2018 in Gettysburg, PA.

The location will be:

Gettysburg Fire Station
35 N. Stratton Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325
(Left turn past square heading East on Rt. 30)

The Schedule times are:

Saturday, February 17: 6:45 am Registration opens, 6:00 pm End of Training Day

Sunday February 18: 7:30 am Breakfast at Fire Station, 10:30 am Secure Facility and Dismiss

A complete schedule will be sent when finalized.
Thank you for your attendance and we hope this will be an enjoyable experience for you.

Yours truly,

Tom Downes
Colonel Commanding,
National Regiment

BREAKING NEWS(01/08/2018):

From Captain Michael Kraus, 116th Regt. P.V.V.

Many of you already know, some may not, that our own 1st Sgt. Craig Geppert has been diagnosed with colon cancer. As I write, Craig is getting ready for battle against his invader. Of course we will all keep him in our hearts and prayers as he moves into and through his fight.

BREAKING NEWS(12/24/2017):

SANTA CLAUS AMONG OUR SOLDIERS. CHILDREN, you mustn't think that Santa Claus comes to you alone. You see him in the picture on pages 8 and 9 throwing out boxes to the soldiers, and in the one on page 1 you see what they contain. In the fore-ground you see a little drummer-boy, who, on opening his Christmas-box, beholds a jack-in-a-box spring up, much to his astonishment. His companion is so much amused at so interesting a phenomenon that he forgets his own box, and it lies in the snow, unopened, beside him. He was just going to take a bite out of that apple in his hand, but the sight of his friend's gift has made him forget all about it. He has his other hand on a Harper's Weekly. Santa Claus has brought lots of those for the soldiers, so that they, too, as well as you little folks, may have a peep at the Christmas number. One soldier, on the left, finds a stocking in his box stuffed with all sorts of things. Another, right behind him, has got a meerschaum pipe, just what he has been wishing for ever so long. Santa Claus is entertaining the soldiers by showing them Jeff Davis's future. He is tying a cord pretty tightly round his neck, and Jeff seems to be kicking very much at such a. fate. He hasn't got to the soldiers in the back-ground yet, and they are still amusing themselves at their merry games. One of them is trying to climb a greased pole, and, as he slips down sometimes faster than he goes up, all the others who are looking at him have a great deal of fun at his expense. Others are chasing a greased boar. One fellow thought he just had him; but he is so slippery that he can't hold him, and so he tumbles over on his face, and the next one that comes tumbles over him. In another place they are playing a game of football, and getting a fine appetite for their Christmas dinner, which is cooking on the fire. See how nicely the soldiers have decorated the encampment with greens in honor of the day! And they are firing a salute to Santa Claus from the fort, and they have erected at triumphal arch to show him how welcome he is to them. But Santa Claus must hurry up and not stay here too long; for he has to go as far south as New Orleans, and ever so far out West; so he says, "G'lang!" and away he goes through the arch like lightning, for he must give all our soldiers a Merry Christmas. http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1863/january/battle-fredericksburg-description.htm

BREAKING NEWS(12/24/2017):

You are viewing one of Thomas Nast's Most Poignant Civil War Illustrations. The illustration is Captioned, "Christmas Eve, 1862." The illustration shows a Civil War soldier on picket duty on a cold lonely night. The snow is falling around the lonely union soldier, as he looks longingly at photographs of his family. At this same time, the illustration shows his wife, praying for his safety, and his safe return home. Their children lay asleep in the bed as the wife prays. If you look carefully in the upper left of the illustration, you will see one of the very early Thomas Nast images of Santa. Santa can be seen approaching the chimney, and his reindeer are parked on the roof. http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1863/january/christmas-eve.htm

BREAKING NEWS(11/13/2017):


Please read the post shared by Ted Brennan below and make your members aware of this. Because of the situation, as Colonel I have decided that participation in the parade will be voluntary. No one will say anything to any man who chooses to exhibit common sense and pass on the parade, but know this. IF there is a parade, the National Regiment will be in it. We will not be dictated to by cowards.

By order of
T. M. F. Downes
Colonel commanding,
The National Regiment

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

On November 6, 2017 the Gettysburg Times received a letter from an unknown person/persons stating that he/she/they were going to do potential harm at this year’s Remembrance Day parade. The Gettysburg Times immediately turned the letter over to Gettysburg Police Department, who contacted both the FBI and ATF who are now investigating. As a result, to safeguard both the re-enactors and the general public the route of the parade has been changed.

The parade will form on Lefever Street between Baltimore Street and East Confederate Avenue, however we will have to form in reverse as the parade will start on Lefever street turn left onto Baltimore Street travel South on Baltimore Street and then turn right (west) on to Steinwehr Avenue, and then left (south) on Taneytown Road. The end point will be the Cemetery entrance on Taneytown Road. The parade participants and the horses and carriages may proceed through the Cemetery onto Baltimore Street and back to the Middle School on Lefever Street. While this shortens up the parade by several blocks we must look at the safety of everyone involved.

Because of these changes we respectfully ask the following:

First and foremost if you see something say something. We don’t expect trouble but it is always better to be cautious. The Provosts for the parade will have yellow armbands on marked Provost and Deputy Provost. Please keep the space between units tight. We usually say 20 feet between ranks, we are going move that to 10 feet between ranks. This is probably the most important. If and we are saying if any of these anti- Confederate “groups” are in the crowd, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM! They will look for confrontation that they can film to make us look bad. If we see any of these people in the crowd we are going to make sure that we have a Provost by them so we can film them. We realize that this is going to be a change for us and we are also disappointed that we must shorten the parade. We share your disgust that an individual/ individuals would try to disrupt the largest and oldest Civil War parade in the United States. Ladies and gentleman we cannot allow this threat to deter us from not participating in the parade. If we do, then they have won. Let us stand against people who wish to highjack our hobby and American history. Sadly in this post 9-11 world we do ask you that if you see or hear something suspicious please notify the Gettysburg Police immediately. As information becomes available, we will update this page. We also invite you to join us at the Parade briefing slated for Saturday, November 18 at 9:30 AM at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center, 2634 Emmitsburg Road. Let’s not allow this threat to stop us. Let us have a great parade and honor the men in the Blue and the Gray!

BREAKING NEWS(11/12/2017):

Slaughter Pen Farm/Fredericksburg2017 Living History, December 9-10, 2017, Fredericksburg, VA

• Name:
• Affiliation (US/CS, Inf./Art) :
• Email Address (for paypal verification and event updates):
• Emergency contact name & phone # :

Registration fee is $25.00 prior to December 2, 2017. Anyone not registered by December 2nd 2017, will have to pay the walk on registration fee of $35.00.

Please either register via paypal & email the information on this form to Mike Scheibe at Southerndivisionaag@gmail.com and/or print it out and mail it in along with your registration check. Registration info is as follows: Registration/payment for the December 2017 Slaughter Pen event can be made via PayPal to: 3dVaInfy@gmail.com.

Please mark payments posted to the account with "Slaughter Pen" as we are currently using our account to track funds for multiple events. Payments received will be recorded on a spreadsheet in order to track the event budget and for posted to the event page periodically. Payment can also be accepted by check or money order, payable to "3d Virginia Infantry". Mail to: Chris Stevans, 1200 Woodstream Ct, Chesapeake, VA 23322.

Please address questions or concerns regarding registration & payment to Chris Stevans at bpmuskets@aol.com, or 3dVaInfy@gmail.com. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Civil War trust for the preservation of the ground that the event is taking place on. This is a unique opportunity to interpret on the actual ground and help save it at the same time! We look forward to your participation and thank you for your participation in this event!

BREAKING NEWS(11/12/2017):

Gents, Here is the information on Remembrance Day rooms. We have a block of 20 rooms reserved. When you call, tell them you’re with the National Regiment.


Friday November 17, to Sunday November 19, 2917

Days Inn Gettysburg
865 York Rd. (Rte. US 30)
Gettysburg, PA
$135 per room, per night. We will be meeting in the same location as in the past few years. Try to arrive by 11:00am.

BREAKING NEWS(10/15/2017):

Added 19 images to the 153rd Battle of Cedar Creek here.

BREAKING NEWS(09/24/2017):

Added 67 more images from the 155th Battle of Crampton's Gap event courtesy of Carl Byrd to the Burkittsville Preservation Association Website here.

BREAKING NEWS(09/22/2017):

Gents, Here is the information on Remembrance Day rooms. We have a block of 20 rooms reserved. When you call, tell them you’re with the National Regiment.


Friday November 17, to Sunday November 19, 2917

Days Inn Gettysburg
865 York Rd. (Rte. US 30)
Gettysburg, PA
$135 per room, per night

BREAKING NEWS(07/09/2017):

The Battle of Crampton's Gap is coming close. The dates are 9/15-17. Registration has been open since January 19th and the the $25 fee will be increased to $30 on July 15th! If you are going, please register by July 15th! Register here! Remember, the fee includes a cooked meal Saturday night after the battle and all net proceeds go to the preservation of the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm!

BREAKING NEWS(03/09/2017):

This weekend is the annual meeting in Pittsburgh at Mike's studio after the St. Patrick's Day Parade. For directions, check in Dispatches here! For details, check in Dispatches here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/23/2017):

NCO School is this weekend! Just a reminder that the location for the school this year will at Gettysburg Fire Hall (35 North Stratton Street, Gettysburg, PA, 17325). Registration opens at 6:45am, with the uniform of the day being appropriate uniform coat with insignia and cap (uniform trousers are optional).Soft-soled shoes are required for the use in the facility. Officers should have their swords and sword belts. NCOS and soldiers should have their rifle and accoutrements, as well as packs for the Pack Inspection class, which can be empty. Cost for the school is $35 PER PERSON, which includes the school, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. We will NOT be providing a dinner Saturday night, so plan on making arrangements for your own meal the evening of Feb 26.

Front row: Mike Kraus and Bill Williams, Second row: Pug O’Reilly, Don Hongell, Maddog and Scotty, Third row: Mage, John Gradomski, Craig Geppert and Ed Bond.

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/01/2017):

Suggested 2017 schedule appears on the Campaigns page.

BREAKING NEWS(12/24/2016):

John Haley of the 17th Maine was working with a road crew the day before Christmas. As his body toiled, his mind focused anxiously on a parcel he expected from home. “It is rumored that there are sundry boxes and mysterious parcels over at Stoneman’s Station directed to us,” Haley had written in his diary. “We retire to sleep with feelings akin to those of children expecting Santa Claus. We have become very childish in some matters–grub being one of them.”

On Christmas Day, Haley returned from his work detail to his tent. He wrote that he had endured the day’s work only by virtue of the “anticipation of what was in store in our boxes.” Then he had to endure a practical joke from his tentmate:

On returning to camp, I was informed by my tentmate that there was no parcel at the station bearing my name. My mental thermometer not only plummeted to below zero, it got right down off the nail and lay on the floor. Seeing this, my tentmate made haste to dive under the bed and produce the box, which he had brought from the station during my absence, and in a few minutes we were discussing the merits of its contents. Most of the men have been remembered, and any that have not received something from home are allowed to share with their more fortunate neighbors. Christmas in the Civil War

BREAKING NEWS(11/21/2016):

Watch a video of Michela Miller Ferree singing a song she wrote inspired by the 116th here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/18/2016):

View three videos of 150th Fredericksburg, 2012 here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/18/2016):

View three videos from Morgan's Raid, 2016 here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/16/2016):

View images from Cedar Creek, 2016 here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/02/2016):

Look at art by James Goucher on the Telegraph here!

BREAKING NEWS(09/14/2016):

Just got word that Chris Kelly passed away 9/12. Visitation and funeral next week. If anyone is interested please contact me.

Capt. M. Kraus

This Weekend Boys! See You There!

Captain McNierney will be Commanding
Ft. McHenry Music will be on site as well!

BREAKING NEWS(08/29/2016):

Living History Weekend at Fredericksburg Battlefield

The smells of campfires and gun smoke will once again fill the air on Marye's Heights at the Fredericksburg battlefield this Labor Day weekend. Talk and ask questions to Union soldiers as they show the weapons, uniforms, and equipment carried by the armies over 150 years ago. Watch as troops march in formation and hear about the techniques used to fight battles during the Civil War. Walk through the camps to learn how the troops lived "in the field." The event is ongoing from 9:00am –5:00pm on Saturday, September 3 and 9:00am–2:00pm on Sunday, September 4. Musket firing demonstrations will occur at 11:30, 2:30, and 4:30 on Saturday and 11:30 and 2:30 on Sunday. Parking is available at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center at 1013 Lafayette Boulevard. Programs are family friendly, free of charge, and open to the public. For additional information, call (540) 693-3200. NPS Fredericksburg Website

BREAKING NEWS(07/28/2016):
Okay, here are the long awaited photos from Thunder in the Valley. View the 235 photos here!

BREAKING NEWS(07/21/2016):
DATE: July 20, 2016 at 1:35:31 PM EDT


Just yesterday I got an email from Cedar Creek with my proof of registration and parking pass. BE SURE YOU GIVE YOUR PEOPLE A HEADS UP TO WATCH FOR THIS! If you don't print out and have this paperwork, you will not be able to go through express registration. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.


BREAKING NEWS(06/12/2016):All had a great time at Thunder in the Valley! The NR was represented by those in the top photo, and as you can see, the 116th had a strong representation! We also want to express our appreciation to Michele for the wonderful meals and to Morgan for the energizing pickles! You may click on these photos to see larger images. More pictures will be posted soon. In the meantime, if you are on Facebook, you can see a lot more at Greg Starbuck's Thunder in the Valley Picture Place here.

BREAKING NEWS(06/02/2016):

Still need more Federals at the event. Come join your comrades in Virginia next weekend! Click the link above!

BREAKING NEWS(05/26/2016):It seems our 1st Sgt. and Pvt. Robertson cannot read! Having fun at Greenfield Village, MI. Click the image above to see a larger image.

BREAKING NEWS(05/11/2016):Our website Home page now has a link to our G.A.R. page, which links to Image pages for three events and one video. Enjoy exploring!

BREAKING NEWS(03/22/2016):The photos from St. Patrick's Day are posted here! If you have some, email to me or post on the 116th Facebook Page.

BREAKING NEWS(03/03/2016):The Dispatches page is up-to-date. Check out the information for the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade for 2016. For directions to Mike's studio, check page 2 of the March, 2015 dispatch.

BREAKING NEWS(02/27/2016):Read a new post in the Telegraph about a new book on reenacting by Dale Waters called Marty's War here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/08/2016):Added the suggested events for 2016 on the Campaigns Page, added a link to the 116th PA Facebook Page, and reorganized the design of the Home Page.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2015):
CHRISTMAS: Fredericksburg, 1862
The Army of the Potomac and the Washington defenses aggregated a force of 326,750 troops. Of that force, the authorities counted 86,330 absent by the end of January 1863 - a reduction of 27 percent. Gabriel Colby of the 124th New York deserted on Christmas Day. When recaptured, he offered the excuse that "so many were sick of the service after Fredericksburg."

Officers of the Army of the Potomac spent the holidays getting drunk. "Christmas was a dull day at our Camp," wrote a sanctimonious signal officer, "but the Army all through as a general thing enjoyed itself hugely." The inefficient commissary somehow acquired enough whiskey to issue a gill (4 fl oz, today's shot is 1.5 fl oz)"to all who applied for it" on Christmas Eve. "The result," recalled Louis Fortescue, "was the Army of the Potomac on the 25th was as drunk as an owl." Visitors to General Dan Sickles' camp noted that "Whiskey punches flowed like rain." Sickles and his staff became so furiously drunk that they had to buck and gag one of the staff officers, who in his cups attacked several of the aides with his saber. Pilgrims who continued on to Hooker's headquarters found things "in the same elegant condition with the exception of the bucking and gagging."

from "The Fredericksburg Campaign" by Francis Augustin O'Reilly

BREAKING NEWS(11/24/2015):View images from Remembrance Day here! Thank you to all the photographers including Charlie Graham, Liz Richardson, Beth Browning Turza, Phil Ward, & Keith Murray.

BREAKING NEWS(10/25/2015):View images from the 1st GAR Event at Spangler's Springs, Gettysburg NPS here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/23/2015):Added 31 images of Cedar Creek, 2015!

BREAKING NEWS(10/21/2015):We had to lay the Captain out during our evening out in Gettysburg!

BREAKING NEWS(10/13/2015):Read new posts on the Telegraph: A 150th Grand Review Parade Video, A 150th Gettysburg NPS Event Video, &
2 Links to 150th Appomattox NPS Event Videos.

BREAKING NEWS(09/29/2015):Read the post on the Telegraph about the Gettysburg Living History this past weekend here! Also, check out the image posts on The National Regiment Facebook Page. Images will soon appear on the National Regiment Website as well.

BREAKING NEWS(09/06/2015):Read about the Colonel's Challenge for the NR's Gettysburg Living History on September 26th here! Also: For those interested, the Pittsburg Irish Festival is coming up the weekend of Sept. 11-13. We may have a small presence there; contact First Sgt. Geppert if interested. The National Regiment living history event/Camp of Instruction will take place at Gettysburg on Sept. 26-27. It's a great time of the year to be in Gettysburg and a worthy event to brush up on our drill and spend time together. Look out for a company newsletter hitting your mailbox in the coming days.

BREAKING NEWS(09/06/2015):Gents- I'm preparing a run of shelter half reproductions. As some of you know, I've made these in the past. This batch is a new version based on an unpublished original I examined that was used by a white officer in a Massachusetts colored troops regiment. Features of these halves include single-needle machine sewing (most similar ones feature double-needle machine-sewn seams and hand-sewn hems), relatively coarse buttonholes, and a maker's mark from William McComb of Wilmington, Delaware, one of the most productive shelter half contractors of the war. Attached to this message you will find comparative images of the original and my reproduction. The price is $100 per half plus shipping. Contact me if you're interested and get 'em while they're hot; I do not plan on making more any time soon after this batch. Stay tuned for more information on next month's Gettysburg event. Best regards, -Tyler Putman


BREAKING NEWS(08/17/2015):See a video on Pvt. Grgor McSorley here!

BREAKING NEWS(08/17/2015):See images of Michael Kraus's statue repairs here!

BREAKING NEWS(08/02/2015):Added 51 images to Appomattox 150th

BREAKING NEWS(06/28/2015):See images from Passing of the Armies here!

BREAKING NEWS(06/16/2015):Here is a link to the Passing of the Armies sponsored by the Soldiers & Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh. You can get directions here!

BREAKING NEWS(06/08/2015):Check out 72 images of the Grand Review at the National Regiment website

BREAKING NEWS(05/05/2015):Made additions to the post about the Lincoln Funeral and added four videos on The Telegraph.

BREAKING NEWS(05/04/2015):Added photographs and a video of the Lincoln Funeral in Springfield and an image from the 150th Appomattox from Civil War 150 Pinhole Project photographer Michael Falco on The Telegraph.

BREAKING NEWS(05/03/2015):Our Boys with the Lincoln hearse in Springfield, IL

For larger image Click Here!
For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(04/29/2015): Added 5 new videos of Appomattox 150th and 1 video of the 150th Gettysburg NPS on The Telegraph.

BREAKING NEWS(04/24/2015): Added 51 different images of Appomattox 150th on The National Regiment site.

BREAKING NEWS(04/20/2015): Added 14 more images on the Appomattox 150th Image page.

BREAKING NEWS(04/19/2015): Added 184 more images on the Appomattox 150th Image page.

BREAKING NEWS(04/18/2015): Added Bentonville and Appomattox to the 150th Cycle, Added Bentonville 150th, Appomattox 150th, and Geppert Collection to all menus, and posted 28 images on the Appomattox 150th Image page.

BREAKING NEWS(04/15/2015): Three more videos added to The Telegraph!

BREAKING NEWS(04/14/2015): HARPER'S WEEKLY. SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1865. Abraham Lincoln. GREATER love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ABRAHAM LINCOLN has done that. He has sealed his service to his country by the last sacrifice. On the day that commemorates the great sorrow which Christendom reveres, the man who had no thought, no wish, no hope but the salvation of his country, laid down his life. Yet how many and many a heart that throbbed with inexpressible grief as the tragedy was told would gladly have been stilled forever if his might have beat on. So wise and good, so loved and trusted, his death is a personal blow to every faithful American household ; nor will any life be a more cherished tradition, nor any name be longer and more tenderly beloved by this nation, than those of ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

On the 22d of February, 1861, as he raised the American flag over Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, he spoke of the sentiment in the Declaration of Independence which gave liberty not only to this country, but, "I hope," he said, " to the world for all future time." Then, with a solemnity which the menacing future justified, and with a significance which subsequent events revealed, he added, "But if this country can not be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated upon this spot than surrender it." The country has been saved by cleaving to that principle, and he has been assassinated for not surrendering it.

BREAKING NEWS(04/13/2015): Ulysses S. Grant It was reserved for the modest soldier who practically finished the war at the West to end it at the East, and to end it not only with the most prompt and effective support of all his noble lieutenants but with their profound admiration and sympathy, while the country pays now, and will forever pay, the homage of its unqualified gratitude to his genius and his spotless character. For it is not the least of "the crowning mercies" of these days, that our political and military chiefs are men upon whose simple, earnest, unselfish devotion to their country no taint of suspicion was ever breathed; and our children will be forever grateful that our national salvation was achieved by the people under two such leaders as ABRAHAM LINCOLN and ULYSSES S. GRANT. ...Robert E. Lee THAT the general satisfaction with the surrender of LEE should beget a kind feeling for the rebel General is not unnatural. But it is a great folly to invest him with any romance. ROBERT E. LEE may be an honest man, as doubtless many of the rebels were, but beyond that he has no claim of any kind whatever upon the regard of the American people. ... From that moment he has been an active soldier. His military skill has been much overrated. STONEWALL JACKSON, his Lieutenant, achieved his most famous successes, and LEE'S two aggressive campaigns were ignominious failures. No man can be held guilty of a want of genius. But will those who are so eager in extolling General LEE inform us why this Christian hero had not a word to say in regard to the atrocious treatment of our prisoners in rebel hands, especially at Belle Isle, under his eyes ? Will the flatterers of this Virginian gentleman explain why his reports of operations in the field were so unfair and deceptive ? Will the friends of this simple hearted soldier say why he tried a trick of words in his final correspondence with General GRANT ? ... ROBERT E. LEE was an American citizen educated by his country, who, from a mistaken sense of duty, deserted his flag. Had his story ended there it would have been sorrowful. But he drew his sword against that flag not because of any oppression or outrage, but because by peaceful and lawful means it bade fair to become the symbol of justice and equal rights; and he drew it, thank God ! in vain. There his story ends, and it is infamous.(Harper's Weekly, April 22, 1865)

BREAKING NEWS(04/13/2015):A good time was had by all at the 150th Appomattox NPS event. A big thank you to the NPS staff for a job well done, the comradery of the boys from the 119th NY, and the catered dinner on Saturday night by Michele Openshaw Fuller & family! There is much to post and a lot of work ahead. Check out six videos posted on The Telegraph here!

BREAKING NEWS(04/07/2015):See and print a PDF of the Appomattox Schedule here.

BREAKING NEWS(04/03/2015):Added a video of the 125th Gettysburg Pettigrew's Charge on The Telegraph here.

BREAKING NEWS(03/25/2015):Images added from the 150th Battle of Bentonville here.

BREAKING NEWS(03/23/2015):New post on the Telegraph about Hugh McVey's personal artifacts here.

BREAKING NEWS(03/22/2015):From Mark McNerney: Colonel, Please let the Boys know that Federals are needed for Sailors Creek. It is not too late. Only $10.00 registration! It is basically a one day fight. Slam, Bang, Cross the Creek and go home. Questions can be directed to me. Dates are 28 & 29 of March, but Battle is 28 March. Thank You, Sir. Mark McNerney From Paddy Devlin: I just talked to Mark McNerney and he needs a list of anyone that will be coming to Sailors Creek. The registration will be $10.00 and can be paid at the event through Mark or myself. Let me know ASAP if you will be coming and I will let Mark know. Email me or call 443-374-8175.

BREAKING NEWS(03/16/2015):The hearty lads of the 116th PA participated in the Pittsburgh St, Patrick's Day Parade through dripping precipitation this past Saturday. And even without music or even a drumbeat, the unit received the Thomas L. Fagan Award for Best Marching Unit! A meager amount of photos appear on the website here! If you have any photos, email them or post them on Facebook.

BREAKING NEWS(03/08/2015):Grand Review earlybird price of $25 has been extended to 4/15/2015. For information click here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/25/2015):Added a new post to the Telegraph including a new 6-part video about Montgomery County, MD in the Civil War titled "Life in a War Zone" here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/19/2015):Updated Mobile Website with Campaign information and last newsletter.

BREAKING NEWS(02/16/2015):Added information to the Campaigns page about Bentonville, Sailor's Creek, and Carnifax Ferry in September.

BREAKING NEWS(02/11/2015):Our Colonel at Cedar Creek

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/11/2015):Updated the Campaigns page. Read the NCO School Schedule here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/10/2015):Added a dispatch from November 2014 on the Dispatch page.

BREAKING NEWS(02/05/2015):Nice video explaining wet plate photography by Rob Gibson using Rob Hodge as his model here!

BREAKING NEWS(02/05/2015):

Chris Anders will resign as Act'g. Maj. Gen. of the Southern Division on April 11, 2015. He has named Col. Richard Watters as the new Commander of the Southern Division. Read about it here!

BREAKING NEWS(01/28/2015):

Read the January Dispatch from Captain Kraus here!.

BREAKING NEWS(01/22/2015):

Read the January NR Newsletter from Col. Downes here!.

BREAKING NEWS(12/30/2014):
150th Battle of Sailor's Creek:
Read the 1st announcement about the 150th Battle of Sailor's Creek here!.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2014):
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the Washington Times.

BREAKING NEWS(12/16/2014):Here is an image I found on flicker of Craig & Spence at the 150th Gettysburg.

For larger image Click Here!


BREAKING NEWS(12/12/2014):Here is a letter from Col. Tom Downes regarding next year's Grand Review in Washington D.C. on Sunday, May 17th. Click here.

BREAKING NEWS(11/25/2014):Added new post to The Telegraph.

BREAKING NEWS(11/16/2014):Our own 1st Sgt. Craig Geppert received the National Regiment 'Soldier of the Year' award at Remembrance Day!

For larger image Click Here! Posted 60 images of Remembrance Day here! Added a great article on the environmental effects of the Civil War on The Telegrah

BREAKING NEWS(11/10/2014):Added a new post to the Telegraph regarding the Irish in the Civil War at The Telegraph

BREAKING NEWS(11/09/2014):Watch a video of Cedar Creek courtesy of Mike Stiles Click Here!
Then click the download on the lower left of your screen. Added 118 more images to Cedar Creek 2014 courtesy of Mike Stiles.

BREAKING NEWS(11/02/2014):Added 2 posts to the Telegraph here!

BREAKING NEWS(11/02/2014):PARADE ROUTE CHANGED On my recent trip to Gettysburg I discovered sewer work on Steinwehr Avenue. A recent email from the Regimental Quartermaster confirmed my suspicions that the route has been altered. The parade in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will step off at 1pm from LeFever Street and follow the traditional route to Liberty Street, turning left onto Middle Street, left again onto Baltimore, right onto Steinwehr Avenue and finally left onto Taneytown Road. The parade will end at the Soldiers' National Cemetery. Although construction on Steinwehr Avenue has forced the parade route onto Taneytown Road, all Steinwehr Businesses remain open to their customers.

BREAKING NEWS(10/30/2014):Added 3 videos of Cedar Creek 150th to the Telegraph here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/28/2014):Added 21 more images to Cedar Creek 2014 bringing the total images in the Image Gallery to 3487! There is also a new post on 'The Telegraph' about the Irish at Cedar Creek here! This is from the link to Damian Shiels' blog site at http://irishamericancivilwar.com

BREAKING NEWS(10/27/2014):Added 76 more images to Cedar Creek 2014 bringing the total images in the Image Gallery to 3466!

BREAKING NEWS(10/23/2014):Watch Jim Harter doing a jig at Cedar Creek Click Here!
Then click the download on the lower left of your screen.

BREAKING NEWS(10/23/2014):For a few of our Confederate friends from Cedar Creek

For larger image Click Here!

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/23/2014):Added 30 more images to Cedar Creek 2014

BREAKING NEWS(10/21/2014):Added 43 images to Cedar Creek 2014and 1 image to Tintypes

BREAKING NEWS(10/12/2014):Came across this photo of Terry Winschel as a member of the 116th Pennsylvania Infantry on the front lawn of Chatham (Fredericksburg) in 1978. Read the blog here! For a larger image click here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/11/2014):Read Supplemental Orders 2 from Col. Downes about Dress Parade at Cedar Creek here!

BREAKING NEWS(9/23/2014):Added a new post on the Telegraph. Click here!

BREAKING NEWS(9/21/2014):Eliminated the colored background of the home page, added shadowing to the scrollbar. and updated the page for better viewing in Internet Explorer 8. Please view the site in Chrome or Safari browsers for best styling.

BREAKING NEWS(9/19/2014):Added the April and August Dispatches to the Dispatch page, but did not include the directory per March's meeting request.

BREAKING NEWS(9/07/2014):Check out the Fall 2014 Newsletter of the National Regiment here!

BREAKING NEWS(7/28/2014):Check out some new posts on the Telegraph here! Also view the images from the Geppert Collection here. No captions yet, so help me out by posting in the comments section. Visit the National Regiment site here to view the redesigned home page and News blog.

BREAKING NEWS(7/13/2014):


To read article Click Here!
To continue article Click Here!
Article also appears in the Telegraph Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(7/04/2014):

Added a new post to the Telegraph with two videos of the 150th Wilderness here! Also, added 46 images of the 150th Wilderness here!

BREAKING NEWS(7/02/2014):

Added 90 images of the 150th Battle of Monocacy. The Wilderness will be added next. See the Monocacy images here!

BREAKING NEWS(6/30/2014):

Check out some video and a news photo of the 150th Battle of Monocacy as well as photos of a presentation sword for a captain in the 116th, Co. F here!

BREAKING NEWS(6/22/2014):

If you are looking at the site on a mini tablet and the drop menu doesn't work, keep your finger on the button. If another window appears, tab the background (not the new window) and the menu will have dropped so that you can make a selection. I have only had this problem with the mini tablet. Android phones and IPads seem to work fine.

BREAKING NEWS(5/25/2014):

This website celebrated it's first birthday on 5/21/14! "The birthday cake has been an integral part of the birthday celebrations in western European countries since the middle of the 19th century, which extended to Western culture." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_cake)

BREAKING NEWS(5/18/2014):

Here is the recreation of U.S. Grant outside the Massaponax Church taken at the 150th Wilderness.

For larger image Click Here! And for more information on the Wilderness event, visit nationalregiment.com

BREAKING NEWS(5/6/2014):

Watch a brief video of the 150th Spotsylvania here.

BREAKING NEWS(4/17/2014):

Behold our plaque for this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade! All those who participated should lift a cold one in celebration. Those members who did not participate should lift a cold one in tribute to your "Brothers in Arms" who faithfully represented you!

BREAKING NEWS(4/16/2014):

Read the NR's General Order on the 150th Spotsylvania Here!

BREAKING NEWS(4/15/2014):
WEBSITE:Today we honor the passing of our glorious President, Abraham Lincoln, shot Good Friday, April 14th, 1865, by the assassin, John Wilkes Booth. In the words of Sgt. Samuel Clear of the 116th PVI, Monday April 17th, 1864, "At dress parade this evening 'The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln' was read to us. A silent gloom fell upon us like a pall. No one spoke or moved, our sorrow was so great that we could scarcely realize what had happend. I always thought that he was most loved by all the Army and people of America, but I am now sure of that. The 'Stars and Stripes' was quietly lowered, and old torn shreds of Flags almost slipped out of the hands of the Color Sargeants. The Regiments was quietly dismissed and we moved away slowly to our quarters, as if we each had lost a near and dear friend at home. Quietly, quietly we went to our rest. Was anybody glad, if he was he made no sign, and well for them they did not, for they never would have reached home alive. No drill, No Dress Parade. No Nothing, all quiet, Flags at half mast, lonesome was no word for us. It was like going from a busy City to a fastness in the mountains, what a hold Old Honest Abe Lincoln had on the hearts of the soldiers of the army could only be told by the way they showed their mourning for him."

BREAKING NEWS(4/12/2014):

Read Pug's comments on the Comments page Here!

BREAKING NEWS(4/10/2014):Screenshots

For larger image Click Here!

For larger image Click Here!

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(4/09/2014):

For larger image Click Here!

Added two video clips of the 150th Gettysburg from the Gettysburg Convention and Vistors Bureau on the Telegraph. Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(3/23/2014):

Added 9 images to St. Patrick's Day 2013 and 72 images to Remembrance Day 2013 courtesy of Steve & Susan Hawkins.

BREAKING NEWS(3/18/2014):

Now up to 39 images for St. Patricks Day Parade, 2014. Click here to go to the page! Also added a video of our appearance in the parade on The Telegraph! Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(3/17/2014):

The first 13 images of the 2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Pittsburgh have been uploaded and all St. Patrick's Day pages have been updated to include 2014 in the navigation bar. More images and a video are coming!

BREAKING NEWS(3/12/2014):

Rumor has it that we may be the Honor Guard for the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade this year. Try your best to come to the event. Specifics about the parade may be found here and directions to Mike's may be found here. Also added 7 parade pictures to St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013.

BREAKING NEWS(3/11/2014):

Added information for the Battle of Monocacy to Campaigns page.

BREAKING NEWS(3/5/2014):

Added two posts on the Telegraph. Video pans of Claude Levet's images of the 5th NY at Wilderness, 1994 and the 88th Indiana at Bentonville, 1994.

BREAKING NEWS(3/2/2014):

YouTube problems: If you are using the Chrome browser and cannot increase the size of the videos to fullscreen, here is what to do. Type "chrome://plugins" in the search bar and expand to details by clicking the "+ sign" next to details on the right side of the page. You should have a couple of Adobe flash options. If not, download Adobe Flash and refresh the plugins page. Disable the Adobe Flash plugin that has "Pepperflash" in the description and then refresh the webpage and the problem should be solved. It is also solved on YouTube as well. Click Here! The Safari browser no longer shows the fullscreen option on Youtube videos and I have not found a work around yet, therefore, I would not recommend using this browser. Firefox, Opera, and IE work fine.

BREAKING NEWS(2/28/2014):

Just added an image to the Archives of the 1980's from Johnson's Tavern in Mercer, PA, October 18, 1980. Can anyone identify anyone in the image? Please comment!

BREAKING NEWS(2/23/2014):

Edited the "History" pages to scroll again since scrolling has become popular again with the increase in tablets. Added a photo and section titles to the Company (Reenactor) history.

BREAKING NEWS(2/17/2014):

Edited pages 7 & 8 of the Regimental History and added 3 images to the Tintypes page.

BREAKING NEWS(2/14/2014):

Happy Valentine's Day!

BREAKING NEWS(2/10/2014):

New Dispatch on the Dispatches page, the first of the year! Also, a new link Crossroads of War, Maryland & the Border in the Civil\ War

BREAKING NEWS(1/18/2014):

Added 79 Images to the Archives 2000's Page.

BREAKING NEWS(1/13/2014):

Updated the website with adjustments for iPad viewing.

BREAKING NEWS(1/11/2014):

Updated the Campaigns page and Mobile Website with registration fees and due dates for 2014 events.

BREAKING NEWS(1/3/2014):

Updated the Mobile Website with new campaign information and the latest dispatch! Videos no longer worked on Android, so now instead if videos there are links to YouTube.

Happy New Year!

The illustration is by Winslow Homer, and is entitled, "Seeing the Year Out"; January 5, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.

BREAKING NEWS(12/31/2013):

Check out the 2014 Schedule on the Campaigns Page Here

BREAKING NEWS(12/30/2013):

Read the latest NR newsletter Here

BREAKING NEWS(12/22/2013):

Two new articles in the Telegraph

BREAKING NEWS(12/21/2013):

Read an article about Lee Takes Command in the Telegraph entitled The Shirkers!

BREAKING NEWS(12/16/2013):
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the Washington Times.

BREAKING NEWS(12/11/2013):
2 Images added to Tintypes Image Page from Craig Geppert.

BREAKING NEWS(12/8/2013):
12 Images added to Gettysburg NPS Event Images Page and a new video post to The Telegraph.

BREAKING NEWS(12/4/2013):
8 Images added to Cedar Creek 2013 Images Page, 7 from Craig Geppert.

BREAKING NEWS(11/28/2013):
"Thanksgiving was first celebrated on the same date by all states in 1863 by a presidential proclamation of Abraham Lincoln. Influenced by the campaigning of author Sarah Josepha Hale, who wrote letters to politicians for around 40 years trying to make it an official holiday, Lincoln proclaimed the date to be the final Thursday in November in an attempt to foster a sense of American unity between the Northern and Southern states. Because of the ongoing Civil War and the Confederate States of America's refusal to recognize Lincoln's authority, a nationwide Thanksgiving date was not realized until Reconstruction was completed in the 1870s." (wikipedia)

Added 29 more images from Bruce Zigler posted to Remembrance Day 2013. Please help me with some missing names! Also added an image of Lt. Putman to the Tintypes page.

Remembrance Photos now total 78 courtesy of Paddy Devlin, John Heckman, Michele Openshaw Fuller, and Beth Turza posted to Remembrance Day 2013. Please help me with some missing names! Also added an image at end of the Tintypes page courtesy of Bruce Zigler and Archives of the 70's courtesy of Mike Stiles!

The unit enjoyed fellowship in Gettysburg this past weekend to celebrate Remembrance Day. We welcomed back members of the 100th Ohio as well as others, bolstering our numbers into two good-sized platoons. Photos have been posted to Remembrance Day 2013 Please notify me of any mistakes or overlooked photo credits and as always, email me some of your photos along with name credits and I'll post them expeditiously! I also edited the member slide show per requests.

Added a new feature to the home page, a slide show of unit members. Sorry if anyone is missed. Email me a name and a good photo would help! Also, a link to a KDKA video on Soldiers & Sailors

BREAKING NEWS(11/18/2013):WEBSITE:All pages have been enhanced with shadows and additional photographs have been added to the Monument page.

BREAKING NEWS(11/17/2013):WEBSITE:We welcome Pvt. Anthony Schatz to the Home page! Check out the new addition to the 116th Gettysburg Monument page. And here's a link to the new Dick Watters Website currently under construction. Also, Dave Ward posted two images on the Tintypes page.

BREAKING NEWS(11/03/2013):NR:Read the National Regiment's November Newsletter HERE!

BREAKING NEWS(10/29/2013):WEBSITE:Added images from Bruce Zigler to Archives 1970's, 1980's, 1990's & 2000's. Also to Tintypes. Hopefully fixed an IE8 menu problem.

BREAKING NEWS(10/27/2013):WEBSITE:Added more photos for Cedar Creek 2013, reviewed comments and added/corrected photo captions, and finished editing the code for IE8. IE8 released on March 19, 2009 and is the last version of Internet Explorer to be supported on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003; the next version, Internet Explorer 9, is supported only on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7 operating systems. This site is now visible on IE8, IE9 & IE10. If you have IE7 or earlier, it's time to get a new computer. Chrome is still the best browser to view the site on!

BREAKING NEWS(10/20/2013):WEBSITE:Added photos for Cedar Creek 2013. You can find them by clicking on the Cedar Creek Directory on the bottom righthand side of the home page. If you have an old browser, Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(10/14/2013):WEBSITE:Added a new page, Archives of the 2000's, which has 5 images from the 2010 Pittsburgh Irish Festival. The Page is not yet listed in the navigation header of each page. Go to the Archives home page to access it. Added some 1980's photos from Dave Ward. I'll add photos from smaller non-repetitive events to the Archives 2000's page such as Assault on Allegheny.

BREAKING NEWS(10/4/2013):WEBSITE:Check out the colorization video in the right column and on the Telegraph!

BREAKING NEWS(9/30/2013):WEBSITE:Adjusted the background color on comment pages so that I can see if there are any comments. Don Hongell identified some people in photographs in August, but I never saw the comments. Now I can see the comments. Please identify people you know in photographs where I simply have a "?" because I can't remember their name. Just identify the number of the photograph. Also, please send in more older photographs and tintypes.

BREAKING NEWS(9/16/2013):SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER: Here is a copy of the September Newsletter. Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS(9/14/2013):WEBSITE: Check out the Antietam 125th photo in the left margin!

BREAKING NEWS(9/13/2013):WEBSITE: Added a directory for C&O Canal Images for 2005, 2006 & 2007, 57 more images.

BREAKING NEWS(9/10/2013):WEBSITE: New Blog Post on the Operator showing 4 videos from Williamsburg, making a reproduction of George Washington's Campaign Tent with Tyler Putman.

BREAKING NEWS(9/8/2013):WEBSITE: Added motion to the flags in the Marquee and on the 116th Colours in the left column.

BREAKING NEWS(9/7/2013):WEBSITE: Added 100 Images to the 145th Fredericksburg Page and added 9 images for Assault on Allegheny, which has been added to the Image Directory. We are now at 2564 images!

BREAKING NEWS(9/6/2013):WEBSITE: Added 71 Images to the 145th Gettysburg Page. Fredericksburg is coming!

BREAKING NEWS(9/5/2013):WEBSITE: Added links to 145th Cycle, 13 Images to the 145th Antietam Page and 53 Images to the 145th Bentonville Page. Fredericksburg & Gettysburg are coming!

BREAKING NEWS(9/4/2013):WEBSITE: Added buttons under 150th Cycle Flag to alternate 150th Cycle, 145th Cycle & 140th Cycle. No Images added yet for 145th Cycle. They are coming!

BREAKING NEWS(9/1/2013):WEBSITE: Added 66 images to Remembrance Day Parades in years 2007, 2008 & 2009. Does nayone have images for 2000, 2001 & 2004?

BREAKING NEWS(8/31/2013):WEBSITE: Added 39 images to Remembrance Day Parades in years 2010 & 2011.

BREAKING NEWS(8/30/2013):WEBSITE: Added 114 images to Remembrance Day Parades in years 2002, 2003, 2005 & 2006.

BREAKING NEWS(8/24/2013):WEBSITE: Added 34 images to St. Patrick's Day Parade 2011. Also, Mike's appearance on Pittsburgh's KDKA Channel 2's Pittsburgh Today Live's Hidden Treasures Segment. Added Links to the front page for Image Gallery, 140th Cycle Images, Remembrance Day Images, Cedar Creek Images, and St. Patrick's Day Images.

BREAKING NEWS(8/23/2013):WEBSITE: Combined four 140th cycle events into a 140th Cycle page which is linked to in the Image Directory and in the menu at the the top of each page.

BREAKING NEWS(8/16/2013):REMEMBRANCE DAY: Here's a message from the NR about Remembrance Day Room Rates

BREAKING NEWS(8/15/2013):WEBSITE: Added images for Cedar Creek 2006, 2008 & 2010. Made some design changes to the home page. Since tablets are getting smaller and phones are getting bigger, I added an option on the desktop site for mobile and a desktop option on the mobile site. My new phone was too big to pick up the mobile site so if I want to see the mobile site I just tap the the button on the upper right of the desktop home page. If I want to see the desktop site on my phone (where I can also see the images) I tap the image at the top of the home page.

BREAKING NEWS(8/14/2013):NPS EVENT: Gentlemen: Events conspired to prevent having wetplates taken of the National Regiment or its constituent units at the Gettysburg 150th Commemoration. However, as you might recall, Bob Szabo did take a modern photograph of the National Regiment. Bob is offering prints of that very nice photograph for sale. You can view the photograph and obtain order information (look at the bottom left of Bob's website order page http://www.robertszabo.com/orderphotos. All correspondence will be direct with Bob Szabo. As you can see, there is a discount if ordered in groups. So company commanders can determine the best way to coordinate with the men in their respective units.

Your obedient servant,
Tim Viezer
National Regiment Commissary and Co. B, 8th Ohio

8x10's are $25, but only $20 if ordered by company, minimum 5 photos.

BREAKING NEWS(8/13/2013):WEBSITE: Redesigned the Image Gallery Page, Added Directory pages for St. Patrick's Day, Remembrance Day & Cedar Creek. Added Images for Cedar Creek, 2005. Fixed glitches in IE9, Safari, Opera & Firefox browsers as well as Android phones.

BREAKING NEWS(8/10/2013):C-SPAN 3:This just in from the producers at C-Span 3: Dear Friends at Gettysburg ~ When Congress is out, during the weekdays we put history programs on at night on C-SPAN 3. Next Thursday evening we’ll re-air all of our programming from Gettysburg National Military Park. We start @ 8pm with Carol Reardon and Tom Vossler’s tour of monuments at Gettysburg. Then at 9pm we’ll re-air the entire 12 hours of live coverage we did there on June 30. Most of this programming is likely to re-air Friday during the day leading up 8pm, when we will move on to other programming. While you can count on the Thursday night airings, the Friday day airings, while likely, are not 100 percent confirmed yet. You can watch this online at: C Span Live

BREAKING NEWS(8/09/2013):WEBSITE: Added images for St. Patrick's Day, 2008 and 140th Appomattox, 2005.

BREAKING NEWS(8/08/2013):WEBSITE: Added a marquee to the top of the home. Also, on the Image Directory page, I converted the links to buttons and performed some addition design housekeeping throughout the site as well.

BREAKING NEWS(8/06/2013):WEBSITE: Added a "Comments" section to the bottom of each image page. You may make a comment about that particular event or about a specific image#. You may want to identify someone or correct a mistaken label. I also added a separate "Comments" page for visitors to the website who may want to leave a comment.

BREAKING NEWS(8/06/2013):WEBSITE: Added St. Patrick's Day Parade Images for 2000, 2005 & 2006. I have images to upload for 2008 & 2011. Does anyone have some images for 2001, 2003 and/or 2007?

BREAKING NEWS(8/04/2013):WEBSITE: Added a St. Patrick's Day Parade Image Directory for years 2000 to 2013. Images uploaded for 2002, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013.

BREAKING NEWS(8/03/2013):WEBSITE: Added 20 Images at Archives of the 90's including St. Patrick's Day, 1990 and Remembrance Day, 1999.

BREAKING NEWS(8/02/2013):WEBSITE: Added 28 Images at Gettysburg, 2000.

BREAKING NEWS(8/01/2013):WEBSITE: Added 26 Images at the Schatz Farm, 2001.

BREAKING NEWS(7/31/2013):WEBSITE: Added an image gallery for the Dublin, OH Irish Festival of 2000. Added images to the Archives of the 1990's including the 125th Grand Review of 1990, Cedar Creek 1990, Manassas of 1990, Burkittsville of 2000, and Christmas Dinner of 1990. I need help identifying some faces in 1990. Send me an email referencing the picture number at lovetheloons@hotmail.com.

BREAKING NEWS(7/30/2013):WEBSITE: Added an image gallery for the 140th Gettysburg. Anyone have any photos of the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Underwagon? additional images scanned for Archives of the 1990's as well. Total images now equals 1462. Also, check out the videos added to The Telegraph!

BREAKING NEWS(7/26/2013):WEBSITE: Added 9 more images to the Archives in 1980's & 1990's.

BREAKING NEWS(7/25/2013):WEBSITE: Added 3 video posts to The Telegraph

BREAKING NEWS(7/24/2013):WEBSITE: Added 13 images to the Archives of the 1980's coutesy of Don Hongell. If you have some old images, send them to me!

BREAKING NEWS(7/23/2013):WEBSITE: New Link to "The Irish in the American Civil War" explained as a new post on "The Telegraph." The Campaigns Page (on mobile as well) includes Cedar Creek. Let's try to get a full turn out for Cedar Creek!

BREAKING NEWS(7/22/2013):WEBSITE: Added 109 images of the 140th Spotsylvania Event from 2004 bringing the Image Directory to 1379 images!

BREAKING NEWS(7/17/2013):WEBSITE: 1st Manassas now has 79 images and Glendale/Gainesmill now has 41 images bringing the total 150th Cycle to 869 images and the Image Directory to 1271 images!

BREAKING NEWS(7/16/2013):WEBSITE: 150th Fredericksburg is at 207 images although not all captioned yet.

Our Gallant Flag flying at the 150th Anniversary of Pickett's Charge

BREAKING NEWS(7/11/2013):
GETTYSBURG: 99% of Gettysburg images are posted. Here's a link to a relatively good video of Chancellorsville from PennLive (Patriot News) Sorry, there's an ad before it. click here

BREAKING NEWS(7/09/2013):
NPS EVENT: Here's a link to Col. Downes' General Order #2: click here

BREAKING NEWS(7/09/2013):
NPS EVENT: CBS News Philadelphia picked up the John Moore photos from Getty Images.

BREAKING NEWS(7/08/2013):
GAC EVENT: The items below were left in camp at the GAC Event. If you think something is yours, let me know @ lovetheloons@hotmail.com subject:lost & found

BREAKING NEWS(7/04/2013):
NPS EVENT: 90 images have been added to the Gettysburg 150th Cycle photo page.

BREAKING NEWS(6/27/2013):
NPS EVENT: In case anyone wanted to make one of these they are 2" x 2" red wool felt.

BREAKING NEWS(6/26/2013):
WEBSITE: A new navigation menu has been added to each page allowing the user to see where they are (red) and where they can go. The logo is the home button.

BREAKING NEWS(6/23/2013):
NPS EVENT: Traffic congestion, park roads snarled with inconsiderate tourist parking, and price gouging in Gettysburg. New images added to Archives of the 80's, Archives of the 90's, and Tintypes.

BREAKING NEWS(6/22/2013):
NPS EVENT: Bring your housewives to the NPS event to sew on issued corps badges or I'll do it for a buck! Check the updates on the Campaigns page on the desktop or the mobile site. All PDFs are available for download by your smart phone on the mobile site.

BREAKING NEWS(6/21/2013):
NPS EVENT: Don't forget your ammunition!

BREAKING NEWS(6/21/2013):
NPS EVENT: Check the Campaigns page for an alternative food choice on Tuesday. Note the invitation to the Cowboy Event in Dispatches at Old Bedford Village this weekend.

BREAKING NEWS(6/19/2013):
GAC EVENT: New Map link posted on the Campaigns page. Also, check out "The Telegraph" for updates and there are new videos on the homepage.

BREAKING NEWS(6/11/2013):
NPS EVENT: Check the Campaigns page for Music Calls which will be used at the NPS Event. Please study them so you know what's going on.

The Telegraph

BREAKING NEWS(6/9/2013):
WEBSITE: We now have a blog that will afford us the ability to post, read and comment. Anyone will be able to read and comment by adding their name and email. Members, once registered, will be set up by the Administrator as "Authors" and may post. When you have some time, click on one of multiple links to check out "The Telegraph!"

BREAKING NEWS(6/6/2013):
NPS EVENT: Check the Campaigns page for a Camp Map for the NPS event. PDF files were added today from Captain Kraus! Also, Bob Szabo will be at the event to take wetplate images of the companies and regiment. Per Tyler Putman's email, if you are interested in ordering a print of the wetplate, let Tyler know and bring $20 per image in cash or cashier's check payable to Robert Szabo to the event registration. This will be a great souvenir! Remember the 125th Antietam?

BREAKING NEWS(6/2/2013):
NPS EVENT: Check the Campaigns page for important information for the NPS event. PDF files were added today from Captain Kraus!

BREAKING NEWS(6/2/2013):
GAC EVENT: Check the Campaigns page for important information for the GAC event. PDF files were added today from Captain Kraus!

BREAKING NEWS(6/1/2013):
ANNOUNCING: I am now hosting the website at http://www.116thpa.com. There are some new image sections as well as new images courtesy of Mike Stiles. The Image Directory is being categorized starting with Archives, 150th Cycle images, and Tintypes. Archives includes a special section on the Farm.

BREAKING NEWS(5/23/2013):
WEBSITE: The Website is now live with a url of: http://www.116thpa.com. This is where all changes will be made from now on.

BREAKING NEWS(5/17/2013):
WEBSITE: National Regiment Order of Battle and 116th Registered Participants for the NPS Gettysburg Living History appear in Dispatches.

BREAKING NEWS(5/16/2013):
WEBSITE: Now showing 151 images for 150th Chancellorsville event. Menu bar has shifted and more links added.

BREAKING NEWS(5/13/2013):
WEBSITE: Now showing 70 images for 150th Chancellorsville event and adding more. Check in Dispatches for the Order of Battle and the 116th Roster for the Gettysburg Living History July 1-3.

BREAKING NEWS(5/9/2013):
UNIT: Our very own Andy Vandall has just announced the availability of his book on Amazon.

Photo of Book
Our Experience in
the Irish Brigade:
Fredericksburg to
Letters from one
of the most revered
federal brigades in
the American Civil
War. NEW
Photo of Andy
The Author:
Our very own Andy Vandall

"Carrying a common spirit and sense of duty, Aaron and Allen Landis joined the Union Army in the summer of 1862 during the American Civil War. The experiences in a soldier’s daily routine, the exhausting marches, the proximity to death, the exhilaration of battle, the camp frolic and fireside revelry, and camaraderie in a unique time of strife and struggle are the main themes of this story. Human emotion is the link between our lives and theirs. These personal reflections, mostly forgotten when discussing war are the elements that truly make this story worth reading and remembering. The letters progress over a two year period between Fredericksburg and Petersburg, Virginia, and unfold with a touching and clear voice that could be spoken by a neighbor, brother or friend. Their sarcastic matter-of-fact style resonates with our modern human experience. The teenage siblings tell their thoughts and feelings of the adventures of two young men involved in America’s most prolific and epic struggle."(taken from the back cover)

Photo of Book
The Author: Michael Kraus

Lest we forget our very own Captain's book also available on Amazon!

BREAKING NEWS(5/8/2013):
WEBSITE: Now showing 49 images for 150th Chancellorsville event.

BREAKING NEWS(5/3/2013):

Men of the 116th P.V.I. hauling the guns
of the 5th Maine Battery from the
field at Chancellorsville, May 3,1863
"Geary's division had gone and Hancock was withdrawing. Soon nothing was left near the Chancellorsville House except the Irish Brigade and the almost silenced battery. One gun was still firing, however, and a gallant corporal and one man still clung to the piece and fired it when all others had gone. It was time for the last troops to fall back, and the order came to the Regiment to save the abandoned guns. One hundred of the men were quickly detailed to rush forward and surround the pieces and drag them to the rear, which was done in splendid style. ...as a squad was tugging away at one of the guns, trying to get it started, a shell burst in their midst, killing Theodore Walker and George Rushworth, of Company D, wounding half a dozen others and knocking everyone over on their backs. The men jumped to their feet and rushed at it again, laughing at the mishap, and pulled it off." (from St. Clair A. Mulholland's "The Story of the 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion")

BREAKING NEWS(4/22/2013):
WEBSITE: Added "School of the Soldier" under the "Reference" Navigation Bar which links to various topic articles such as "Folding Your Greatcoat" and "Wearing Your Gear." A short paragraph and summary appear next to an image of the article. Just click on the image to go to the article.

BREAKING NEWS(4/21/2013):
WEBSITE: Added a "Reference" section to the navigation bar to include resources providing instruction on dress and accoutrements as well as recommended sutlers.

BREAKING NEWS(4/18/2013):
WEBSITE: Steve Adler's video "Making 1855 Blank Cartridges" is now on the desktop and mobile sites.

BREAKING NEWS(4/17/2013):
WEBSITE:The website may now be viewed in IE9 with minor style differences. Chrome & Safari are still the recommended browsers since they are the most up-to-date!

BREAKING NEWS(4/13/2013):
WEBSITE:The mobile website has been redesigned with new graphics.

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WEBSITE:As of tonight, if you place the desktop link in your smartphone, you will automatically be brought to the mobile site through the use of JQuery device detection. let me know if this doesn't work on your smartphone. Tablets should still receive the desktop site.

BREAKING NEWS(3/30/2013):
WEBSITE:Today we honor the passing of our glorious President, Abraham Lincoln, shot Good Friday, April 14th, 1865, by the assassin, John Wilkes Booth. In the words of Sgt. Samuel Clear of the 116th PVI, Monday April 17th, 1864, "At dress parade this evening 'The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln' was read to us. A silent gloom fell upon us like a pall. No one spoke or moved, our sorrow was so great that we could scarcely realize what had happend. I always thought that he was most loved by all the Army and people of America, but I am now sure of that. The 'Stars and Stripes' was quietly lowered, and old torn shreds of Flags almost slipped out of the hands of the Color Sargeants. The Regiments was quietly dismissed and we moved away slowly to our quarters, as if we each had lost a near and dear friend at home. Quietly, quietly we went to our rest. Was anybody glad, if he was he made no sign, and well for them they did not, for they never would have reached home alive. No drill, No Dress Parade. No Nothing, all quiet, Flags at half mast, lonesome was no word for us. It was like going from a busy City to a fastness in the mountains, what a hold Old Honest Abe Lincoln had on the hearts of the soldiers of the army could only be told by the way they showed their mourning for him."

BREAKING NEWS(3/25/2013):
WEBSITE:The Company, Regiment, Irish Brigade, and Samuel Taggart history pages have been converted to multiple page books as opposed to long scrolling pages. The Archives photo album has been split into three albums for the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. The Tintypes album now contains tintypes, ambrotypes, and CDVs. Don Hongell has provided additional images I am adding this week. The Roll of Honor has had three names added and some dates have been changed due to documentation I have received from Don. I want to make sure the list is updated fully. Keep checking in for changes and additions and forward any photographs, corrections or suggestions to me at lovetheloons@hotmail.com.

BREAKING NEWS(3/20/2013):
PARADE:from wpxi.com

BREAKING NEWS(3/19/2013):
ARCHIVES:Visit the "Archives" photo page for some historic photos from Bruce Zigler and Johnny Emmons. Also, some new photos in the Tintypes photo page.

BREAKING NEWS(3/17/2013):
PARADE:The 116th again received recognition from the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade organization. Our unit received the Thomas L. Fagan Award for "Best Marching Unit". In addition, we appear on this year's commerative t-shirt! Details!
CHANCELLORSVILLE(May): Lt. Putman will lead our contingent which will be aligned with another unit in the NR.
NPS GETTYSBURG EVENT: The National Regiment, in following NPS directives, has issued directions for making 1855 regulation blanks. Each participant must use these directions and blank patterns to make their cartridges for the NPS event. We will only make 40 blanks (70 grains ea) and package them as instructed with 15 caps per 10 rounds. Printable copies may be found on the Dispatch page here on the website. Our thanks to John Tadler who attended NCO School with Steve Adler and provided these sheets which he obtained there. Registration for this event is closed.
WEBSITE:Please bear with us as the site moves to complete development. Additional coding needs to be written for the site to appear correct in all browsers as well as mobile. Currently, the site works in current versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera & Firefox (Not IE). We hope to post the site to our own url by the end of April. Until then, for best results, download and use the current Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox browsers.

2nd Corps Badge

The Unit Co. I, 116 PVI, Irish Brigade (Reenactors), began as simply "The Irish Brigade" in April, 1976, an off-shoot of another seminal reenacting unit known as "Sherman's Bummers," beginning as early as 1965. By 1982 reenacting had evolved to the point as to make it necessary to take on a designation more realistic to the unit's size. Co. I, 116th PVI was the sole Irish Brigade company from Pittsburgh, and most of our men being from that city, that designation was chosen. Authentic reenacting owes a great debt to both Sherman's Bummers and the early Irish Brigade, they being some of the first to dress in authentic uniform, drill properly and present the most realistic period camp-sites.

John Schatz, Phil Ward, Johnnie Emmons & Bill Williams
John Schatz, Phil Ward, Johnnie Emmons & Bill Williams

Anthony Schatz

The Members
Many great talents have come from our ranks: Spence Waldron-Uniforms and Drill, Greg Connell-footwear, Scotty Mehaffey for his acting abilities, and Captain Kraus is a well known multi-talented artist who unveiled a brilliant statue of Col. Strong Vincent made for the city of Erie, PA. Mike's command talents also earned him the position of Federal commander at every major event during the 125th anniversaries. Bill Williams, 2009 recipient of the National Regiment's Lifetime Achievement Award is famous for his period camp layouts, as are Dan Gregor and Mike Stiles; for their historic artististry. Dick Watters is well known as a talented tailor of quality period clothing. Many of our company wear his frock coats. David Kincaid, established as a well-known musician with the Brandos, has produced three works of Irish Civil War Songs, continuing the unit's ongoing tradition of historical contribution. Quoting David, "I owe a great debt for their (the men of Co.I) inspired and devoted portrayal of the Irish Union Soldier. And now our own Andrew Vandall has written a book covering two years history of the 116th through the Landis brothers' letters.

  • Tyler Putman
  • Andrew Burgoyne-Hongell
  • Michael Delahany
  • Montgomery Hall
  • Jason Timothy Smith
  • Eric Williams
  • Ethan Geppert
  • Tyler Sposato
  • Steve Adler
  • Matt Hart
  • Jay Hagerman
  • Mike Berger
  • Anthony Schatz
  • John Loy
  • Andrew Vandall
  • Craig Geppert
  • Joe Calzarette
  • Jim Harter
  • Mike Robertson
  • KC Kirkman
  • Dave Hockenberry
  • Ben McGee
  • Brian Paul
  • Dave Cavey
  • Dave Wright
  • David Kincaid
  • Greg Singer
  • Pete Hitchcock
  • John "Titmouse" Manore
  • Kevin Hall
  • Mark Lescure
  • James "Corn" Goucher
  • Chris McCoy
  • Charlie Graham
  • George Wilkinson
  • Joe Granata
  • Rob Snyder
  • Darren Reasner
  • Tim Sposato
  • Mark Ragan
  • John "Jaytee" Tadler
  • Paddy Devlin
  • Bob Lucas
  • Johnnie Emmons
  • Michael Kraus
  • Mike Stiles
  • Bill Williams
  • Bill Summers
  • Brian O'Connor
  • Bruce Zigler
  • Craig Carroll
  • Dick Watters
  • Don Hongell
  • Gary Carpenter
  • Gus Schatz
  • John Schatz
  • Keith Murray
  • Lance Carroll
  • Mark Poling
  • Pete Hall
  • Pug O'Reilly
  • Ron Maness
  • Steve Hawkins
  • Phil Ward
  • Dave Ward
  • Wayne Fuller
  • Garrett Hart
  • Mark Hart
  • Ray Brown
  • Gary Horne
  • Richard Williams
  • Spence Waldron
  • Greg Starbuck
  • Larry Strayer
  • Denny "Chuck" Charles
  • "Too Tall" Paul
  • Don Allison

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To Join Although most members do not participate in "hard" campaigning anymore, we are NOT a family organization. We use dog tents or nothing at all and observe the regulations of an actual military company in the National Regiment. Our membership stretches from Virginia to Michigan, Canada through upper New York state and down to Philadelphia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Contact Capt. M. Kraus: (Eyris2@comcast.net)
Webmaster: (lovetheloons@hotmail.com)

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