Uniform, Arms and Equipage

Drawings by M.G. Kraus

Nine Button Regulation Frock or Dress Coat
Thin piping in light blue to denote Infantry.

Fatigue Blouse also called a "Four Button" or "Sack Coat"

M-1851 U.S. Regulation Enlisted Infantry Greatcoat in Sky Blue Kersey Wool

Issue Shirt
Gray Wool Flannel or Civilian Print

Sky Blue Infantry Trousers

Wool Blanket (top),
Grey or Brown, with "U.S." stitched on.
Rubberized Gum Blanket or Poncho (middle)
White Canvas Shelter Half (bottom), Forged Iron Tent Stakes

Examples of Private-Purchase II Corps Badges
Full Size

May 1863 Issue Red-Felt Corps Badge
Sewn to Cap when appropriate.

Issue M-1858 Forage or Bummer Cap
No Insignia or Company Letter Only

Slouch Hat
Black felt with proper sweatband inside and tape on the brim.

M-1854 Brogans or "Booties" with Pegged Soles
Woolen Socks
Gray, Tan or Natural

Coat-size General Service Button



Comb (Hard Rubber)

Lye Soap

Wooden Toothbrush

Shaving Razor and Brush

Pocket Knife

Covered Pocket Mirror

Tin Match Safe

Pocket Watch
Personalized Fob optional

Leather Ties

Sewing Kit
(Commonly called a "Housewife")

Cotton Rope
(Twisted, not braided)

Cotton Bag
for Rations

Civil War Era Japanned (Black) Roller Buckle
Found on Knapsack, Haversack, and Cartridge Box

M-1842 or M-1816 .60 Caliber Musket with U.S. Regulation Scabbard and Bayonet

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