The Farm

   "THE FARM" or "The Gettysburg Living History Center," as it was officially known, some referred to it, "Wild Bill Williams' Civil War Dude Ranch and Free Love Farm," embraced a golden era of reenacting for members of the Irish Brigade. It was a place and a moment in time that defined us as a group. The events there became legendary and notorious! And there will never be another place like it; not in this lifetime! It was a place where reenactors reenacted for themselves. The public was invited from time to time, but these events were for us, not them. It was a spontaneous place that came and went all too fast, just like our youth. All I can say is, "How did we get away with that?"

Nov. 19,1978 Article
York, PA Sunday, November 19, 1978 Newspaper Article

It was also the most paranormal place I have ever lived, and I am a skeptic of all things spiritual!       ...Mike Stiles

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