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2 thoughts on “INSTRUCTIONS

  1. peirce2ovc

    K.C., and to the rest of the 116th, the NPS event will forever live in my memory. So many events have stuck in my mind, but the highlight (for me) is the late afternoon and early evening of July 2. The circuit from the parade ground, to the Trostle Farm, to the 116th monument, to the Irish Brigade monument, to the Sedgwick monument (the rainbow there), and then back to camp – with all of you – was an incredible experience. Of course, it will forever be a maudlin event to return to Gettysburg and visit the PA monument. It will be difficult to view those rocks and not see you all sitting there.
    God bless you all. Ron Maness

  2. K.C. Kirkman

    Just want to say what a delight it was to be out with the company at Gettysburg. The three days at the NPS event were both powerful and inspiring. I thank you all for helping to make it so. It was such an honor to carry the national colors on the 3rd, thanks for the opportunity. I’m proud to be a member of company “I” and will see you all again very soon.
    Aim low & clear the way, K.C. Kirkman

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