116th Soldier’s Musket & Canteen

Model 1816/22 smoothbore 69 caliber musket with an arsenal cone conversion. The lockplate is dated 1834. The stock is carved with two sets of initials (“AW” and “WHM”) as well as the letter “J”. The comb of the stock bears the Roman numerals “CXVI” just behind the tang screw. It was accompanied by a bullseye canteen with stencil markings of the 116th Pennsylvania company A and the stencil initials “AOW”.







The initials “AOW” on the canteen match only one soldier of the 116th PA…. Sergt. Ambrose O Wilson…. presumably the AW on the stock may be the same soldier. The other initials on the stock “WHM” match the initials of a private in Wilson’s company. William H Milner. Milner was twice listed as a deserter in 1863. Once shortly after Fredeicksburg and again after Gettysburg.