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We now have our own song by Michela Miller Ferree!

For those of you at Remembrance Day, you may have met and talked with Michela Miller Ferree, an Artist in Residence at the Gettysburg National Battlefield. She was so moved by sharing our intimate gathering at the monument, that she composed this song. She forwarded the song to our captain with this wonderful sentiment.

“…I just wanted to say thank you again for inviting me to observe this afternoon. I was expecting a wreath laying or something, I had no idea I’d get to witness something so intimate. It was very touching and I really felt honored to be there. The friendship and brotherhood that are so obvious between all of you was very inspiring. If I manage to write all of you a song, I’ll be sure to send it to you. I also checked out the link to some of your sculptures. Your work is really beautiful. If you’re interested in hearing any of my songs, there are a few at I’ll be posting a lot of the songs I write for the residency on facebook at as well. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, once again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!”


Michela Miller Ferree

Thank you Michela!

James Goucher’s Art

I was not aware that Corn was an artist! Here are some of his works that he recently posted on facebook:

Below: This is a watercolor I did of Tim Wilson, some years back.


Below: This is a watercolor of Whitehorse from years back.


Below: A wood scarf rack I made. Used a wood burning tool.


Below: Lenny Charles in Gettysburg. He owns the original watercolor now.


Below: This one is a watercolor and prisma color pencil.


Below: Another illustration I did. Ink and watercolor. Glare is from the glass.


Below: Watercolor I did for an Early Vietnam illustration.


Below: This is a World War I trench scene in oil.


Below: This is another fun work in ink and watercolor.


Below: This has a glass glare. It is watercolor, ink, and pencil.