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Michael Kraus, Repairman to the Parks!

A new sword handle and spur were installed today on the statue of Colonel Benjamin Christ on Antietam Battlefield. Years ago, no one knows for sure when, the two pieces were broken off and stolen. In 2011 Lizzy Bianchi, a high school sophomore, headed a successful fundraising project to replace the missing parts. I sculpted the new parts in clay then had castings made which were finished last winter. Had to wait for better weather and a good time to travel to finish the job. All done!



Latest project installed yesterday. Made new bronze pieces, this one a musket, 69 cal smoothbore, for the infantry soldier who stands in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse, Sycamore, Illinois. The original was stolen years ago, local Sons of Union Veterans raised the funds.
The other piece was a cavalry saber on the right side figure. Now both stand completed and honoring the memory of those who served from DeKalb County.

Figure of a Union cavalry soldier with his newly replaced m1860 cavalry saber. I made molds on an original piece, had the casting made and installed it yesterday along with a musket on the left hand figure, an infantryman at “Parade Rest”. Both figures now are restored to their original appearance. Thanks to the local General E. F. Dutton Sons of Union Veterans Post who raised the money and guided the project. It was an honor for me to do the important work of restoring symbols of our historic memory.


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