Dick Watters
Maker of Fine Period Uniforms & Clothing

Union Sack Coat
Marine Frock Coat

Ohio McClellan Jacket

Ron Maness in a Shirt by Dick Cedar Creek, 2013)
Shirt Pattern (Cedar Creek, 2013)
Shirt Collar (Cedar Creek, 2013)
Shell Jackets (Cedar Creek, 2013)

Contact Information

Contact Dick: (email)
P.O. Box 275
Howard, PA 16841

The majority of these fine "men in blue" are wearing frock coats made by Dick Watters. (Gettysburg, 2010)

Dick Watters

Dick has been making uniforms since 2005. He has crafted shirts, sack coats, pants, and frock coats. He uses quality fabrics and makes his patterns off original pieces.

Close-up of Marine Frock Collar

Bill Cross in Confederate Officer's Coat
Ron Maness showing his Shell Jacket Lining & Vest (Cedar Creek, 2013)
Shell Jacket Lining
Shell Jacket Lining & Vest